Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The joys of censorship

Don't you just love it when journalists make outrageously stupid claims like:

"The Western democracies, and in particularly the U.S.A, discovered communal values afresh in the 1930s after the capitalist beast was again unshackled and allowed to run amok (released by yet another generation of wild-eyed economic right-wingers who believed in the mythical “free market” the way 4-year-old girls believe in fairies).
And it looks—after the last spectacular round of suicidal libertarian bed-shitting—that we’re about to discover those values again. Let’s hope."
---Steven Wells, The Philadelphia Weekly

And then proceed to censor the comments of those who call them on their bullshit?

What's wrong, Mr. Wells? Are you quite aware that you're completely full of shit?
Is that why you refused to print my comment?
Just in case it may have slipped your mind, here's a screenshot of my comment as submitted:

Yes, censorship has become so common over the past few weeks that I'm now starting to take screenshots in order to keep track.


Steven said...

Hello Burrow Owl,
Firstly I am not an editor. I would have no idea how to go about removing your comment, even if I wanted to. And your comment—silly as it was—hardly seems worthy of censorship.
Actually I don't think your comment was censored. I think it just dropped off the page. The PW website was relaunched on Monday—and the relaunch was attended by all the usual problems. If you link to the site you will notice that entire article has disappeared. Almost certainly a cock-up, not a conspiracy. Steven Wells

Burrow Owl said...

Thanks for your reply.

If it was indeed a 'cock-up' (damn, I haven't heard that in a while) then you hvae my sincere apology.