Monday, June 29, 2009

Going Galt

Alright. I've finally come to the point where I have decided that enough is enough.
America:love it or leave it,eh?
Okey dokey: I'm leaving.
Let the ignorant fucktards that make up the majority of the American citizenry reap what they have sown.
As of now, I shall no longer participate in the farce.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fuck politics for a change.

Although I realize that the ruling class (and the ignorant fucktards who grant them legitimacy) tend to have a disproportionate influence upon the lives of the peasantry (myself included), there are some things that I, personally, find to be much more interesting. With that in mind, I bring you the latest news from the world of paleontology:

Beaked, bird-like dinosaur tells story of finger evolution
ScienceDaily (June 18, 2009) — Scientists have discovered a unique beaked, plant-eating dinosaur in China. The finding, they say, demonstrates that theropod, or bird-footed, dinosaurs were more ecologically diverse in the Jurassic period than previously thought, and offers important evidence about how the three-fingered hand of birds evolved from the hand of dinosaurs.

Humans may be related to orangutans, rather than chimps...
Jeffrey H. Schwartz, professor of anthropology in Pitt's School of Arts and Sciences and president of the World Academy of Art and Science, and John Grehan, director of science at the Buffalo Museum, conducted a detailed analysis of the physical features of living and fossil apes that suggested humans, , and early apes belong to a group separate from and gorillas.

(via the John Hawks Weblog)
I found an interesting essay by Lera Boroditsky on Edge, titled, "How does our language shape the way we think?" She describes cross-cultural psychology experiments that test the ways that perception is affected by language differences.

Sands of Gobi Desert yield new species of nut-cracking dinosaur
ScienceDaily (June 17, 2009)Plants or meat: That's about all that fossils ever tell paleontologists about a dinosaur's diet. But the skull characteristics of a new species of parrot-beaked dinosaur and its associated gizzard stones indicate that the animal fed on nuts and/or seeds. These characteristics present the first solid evidence of nut-eating in any dinosaur.

Excerpts from The Book of Moron

And lo it came to pass that in the last month of the last year of the second millennium, God sent Algor into the wilderness to receive The Word and bade Algor to write God’s Words in a tome of Truth. God gave to Algor a terrible vision of melting glaciers, of oceans rising to inundate great cities, of storms raging across the land in the expression of God’s True Wrath.

“Why, O Lord, are you choosing to punish mankind with such terrible plagues, causing the land to heat, the ice caps to melt and the oceans to drown all mankind?” Algor asked God. And in the terrible silence that ensued God gave Algor a vision of the Truth. Mankind was sinning against the land, flouting the laws of God by purchasing Ichor from the Hamites and thus enriching them beyond their dreams. And taking that Ichor, which the Hamites squeezed from the bowels of Mother Gaia like so much pus from a festering boil and burning it to power their chariots. Those chariots spewed forth a multitude of blasphemous sulphur and brimstone, causing the quiet earth ague and fever.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Guess who's been keeping tabs on me?

I decided to take a long overdue look at the logs this evening- and it seems that I've attracted the attention of some rather unsavory characters:
On 5-28-09 my blog received visits from both the US House of Representatives and Terry Gainer- the Senate Sergeant at arms.

Was it something I said?

Proud to be an American? You should be ashamed.

Karl Denninger hits the nail on the head once again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quote of the day

What was the necessity of saving GM? Was our world irreparably damaged when we lost the AMC Pacer to financial ruin? In fact financial ruin can be quite cleansing. It has kept Michael Jackson out of the United States for three years now and might soon rid us of Donald Trump again.
--- Ron Hart

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PayGo: The scam continues

From Karl Denninger:

It takes some real BALLS to cough up this load of crap:

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama on Tuesday challenged Congress to force itself to pay for new spending as it goes rather than sink the nation deeper into a debt, calling it a matter of public responsibility. Republicans lashed back that Obama is no voice of fiscal restraint as the deficit soars.

I'll be interested in that if and only if it is retroactive to Obama's submitted budget, and holds deficits to no more than George W. Bush's average deficit.

Remember, we're not going to be fighting any more wars, right? So no need for big deficits, right?

Oh wait - we're going to run somewhere around $1.8 trillion in deficits this year, and Obama wants to talk about "PayGo"?

To increase the deficit from HERE?

Who cares? A deficit four times larger than ever run before, and now we're going to say "we'll cap it here"?

This is a joke, right?

No, its not:

The deficit figures flow from the deep recession, the Wall Street bailout and the cost of the economic stimulus bill. Obama has defended the massive stimulus plan as essential to helping pump some life back in the economy, one that is still shedding jobs but showing more signs of life in recent weeks.

But that "stimulus" and "bailout" won't and mathematically cannot work, because the excessive debt is still there, having been simply shifted to The Federal Government instead of forced to default on the balance sheets of the imprudent where it would have blown them to smithereens. Instead, it will blow all of us to smithereens.

How in the hell does anyone support this crap? How does this sort of thing not lead to immediate jeers from the peanut gallery, the Press and the people?

How does this sort of flat LIE not lead to 100,000 people surrounding 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with signs, pitchforks and torches - tomorrow?

We are truly a nation of sheep, and we are not going to get sheared this time - we're going to get slaughtered and eaten.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The beatings will continue until......

Passaic, N.J. cop initiates an unprovoked violent beat-down of a citizen.
(Recorded by a restaraunt surveillance camera on 5/29)
Perhaps the saddest part is watching the looky-loo sheeple who do nothing but walk by while it's happening.... the first who walked by had a perfect opportunity to kick the JBT's teeth into his rectum... yet he pretends that nothing is happening.
And some people wonder why this shit not only happens, but gets more common with each passing day.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quote of the day

So, David Carradine went to Bangkok to ... jack off in a closet? If I'm ever found dead in a compromising situation in a foreign city, there are going to be three hookers in the room shooting ping pong balls at each other.
--J. D. Tuccille At Disloyal Opposition