Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tax Evasion vs. Tax Revolt

This op-ed from JB Williams at The Canada Free Press is a must read:

America is certainly headed for very difficult times and from investors to employers to employees and retirees, people of all political stripes are beginning to react to an overbearing federal government that is behaving more like a heavy handed left-wing dictatorship than a representative republic.

The US Constitution is being shredded, replaced by progressive democratic socialism. The DOW lost 27% of its value during the last six months of 2008. But it has already lost another 12% in the first thirty days of unbridled Democrat rule.

Washington DC leftists strong armed a so-called “stimulus bill” through congress without any real bi-partisan support. The people are now figuring out that it was not an “economic stimulus” effort, but rather a forty year wish list of leftist government run asset redistribution.

Talk of a second Civil War, another revolution, a Tea Party, are growing by the day as the new fed moves to confiscate private property and power in the name of a “greater communal good” and the “general welfare” of the people at large."


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